Hi! I'm DistroDom

And I want to teach you about Growth,



1. Run Experiments WITH NO CODE

2. Build a SIMPLE ANALYTICS Tracking Plan 

3.Improve Activation & Retention with NURTURE

4. Launch a REFERRAL PROGRAM in only 1 hour

Each lesson ends with a todo so you can launch the experiments that same day!

So, I Made 4 Courses!


Before launching gimmeGROWTH

I was A DistroPartner at 500 STARTUPS where I helped companies with Growth.

And before that, I Co-Founded 2 startups:

Sieva Kozinsky, CEO @StudySoup

Dom has a tremendous focus on building systems and tuning growth experiments in systematic ways that allows for clear testing and results.  His skills double as a Head of growth and growth product lead. We all have a lot to learn from Dom

A Few Of The People I've Worked With

Devon Wright, CEO @Turnstyle

Dom is transformative! His experience and success tell it all, And he has an unrivalled ability to boil down his growth philosophy into the language of a startup founder - simple, actionable and urgent.  

Dom is an excellent growth marketing teacher and mentor. He deeply understands and is able to effectively communicate that growth marketing derives first from the mindset then the process. He has the understanding to teach you both.

Philippe LeBlanc, CEO @Flixel

Dom played an integral part in helping us more than double our supply volume in less than a month. Just in time for the upcoming holiday season!

Karen Horiuchi, CEO @Glambot

Dominic has the sharpest mind for E-Commerce & customer acquisition of anyone I know. This course will take your business to the next level!

Jake Strom, Head of Impact Investing @TOMS

Ethan Appleby, CEO @Vango

Dom helped Vango take a step change when it came to growth. He gave us structure, helped identify our key metrics and areas of growth, and taught us how to move quickly and test.

BYE.  Come Again!

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